Pipe Line Pigging Products

Pipe Line cleaning Pigs- Spares

Apex Industries involved in manufacturing Under the Technical Perfection of  polyurethane cups & Discs spares for the Mandrels Pipe Line Pigs, These spares of Cups & Disc are available in different  Sizes as per the specific requirements for the scraping and sealing,

These Pipe Line Pigs Spares can be attached to the mandrel pigs through the center holes for the smaller sizes & bolt circles for the larger sizes, the number of Discs & Cups can be customized as per the desired result & applications,

· Conical Cups 2” to 48”

· Scrapper Cups 2” to 56”

· Type A cups 3” to 14”

· Scrapper Disc 2” to 60”

· Guide / Spacer Disc 2” to 60”