About Us

We introduce ourselves as manufacturer & Exporter of rubber rollers & Rubber Compound related to printing rollers, packaging industry, Ply Wood Industry, and textile and paper mills. We also have a product line of polyurethane (PU) Components & puffsnaks Extruder Part (Screw & barrel) for indian& international make.
Apex rubber rollers is a well established company over 37 years of experience . With this experience we are well versed with all ups and downs technicalities of our product or we can say we have mastered our product. We understand expectations of our customers and expertise to provide full satisfaction.
We recover old and worn out printing rollers as well as supply new rollers as per OEM specification. We are equipped with all latest amenities to produce best range of rubber rollers and compounds.
Our aim is to provide the very best products and services to users of rollers across the world . For us our competitor is we our self , we always adhere to keep ourselves and our technology updated with the demand of changing market. Our R&D team has a quality to for see future of our product in keep our production updated for it.
The quality of our product in the market place is one of the paramount reasons for our success.