Manufacturers of Polyurethane Screens

Polyurethane Screens

Today the Polyurethane Screens are used for the separation of Sand, Gravel, Granite, Quartzite, Limestone and Coal to name a few of the many applications

  • Highest protection against wear and tear.
  • Polyurethane Screens made from these materials are longer lasting and reduce wear and tear
  • Reduce noise emission
  • Exact sizing
  • Increase Service Life
  • Good Self Cleaning Properties
  • Suitable for wet sorting and dewatering
  • Reduce Breakage

Theses Screens produced to fit individual requirements, equipment size and location.

Polyurethane Tension Screens

Polyurethane Tension Screens are an ideal cost effective are made of highly wear resistant and can be customizes as per range of grades and hardness as per requirement with tailor made steel reinforcements