Printing Roller Compounds

Apex Industries manufactures  Printing Rubber Roller Compounds to be used in the printing process known as “offset printing”. This is a process where ink image is transferred on offset from a plate first to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface.
Our  printing Rubber Roller compounds are  exclusively dedicated  to the Printing roller industry. Hence we know its needs and expectations from compounds and their process in bonding, fabricating, curing and finishing etc. This deep knowledge of the end user application rollers help us to serve best suited to meet all your compounds requirements for roller covering.
Apex Industries specialize to both formulate and manufacturer extensive range of compounds for various applications. PVC nitrile, EPDM, Hyplon,silicon base and New dual purpose compounds in a range of Various hardness.
We maintain highest quality which is nowhere compromised from our top quality raw material to the finished product testing. Even after delivery our team is available to help you with technical needs. Our  success lies in our customer’s feedback. Our Confidence in  quality and knowledge is our strength to stand in global market and same is reflected in our customers too.

Rubber Roller Compound

Apex Dual purpose Rubber Compounds

This Printing Roller Compound Is developed By Apex Industries keeping in mind the needs and challenges faced by printers who are switching back and forth between UV and conventional inks.
Apex Dual Purpose Rubber Compounds runs softer to give you good print quality and long life, while maintaining hardness and good dimensional stability.
• Possess Excellent Resiliency, hence no more scrumming, image wear or dot size, maintains quality print each time.
• Excellent dimensional stability makes them extremely stable and need less resetting of rollers that shrink or swell.
• Maintains long run hardness, it will give you more print per roller.
• Less glazing as our composition resists ink permeation and provide clean roller surface necessary for excellent ink transfer.
• Allows you to print immediately going from UV to conventional inks.

Apex Nitrile /PVC Rubber Compounds

• Resistant to all types of wash up solvent and inks. They go through Immersion testing.
• Our compounds run cooler. We have good compounds dynamics. Hence gives uniform spread of ink without smudging and extended roller life.
• Maintain constant hardness over long period of time.
• Gives excellent bonding with metals.
• No air bubbles and excellent grinding finish.
• Comes in low density, less weight per roller and Better spread hence less compound per roller.

Our compound are cost effective, gives high performance and long life to rollers, needs low maintenance and production cost. We assure you we will give what you need every time.